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Mud Play ground

I think this is the better way to have roman style spa mud bad. The best think is that you are in nature and it is free.

No need to pay bags of money to feel like queen you just have to go to the nearest lake 🙂

And here is some benefits of mud bath.

Historically, the mud bath treatment has been used for centuries in Eastern and Western European spas as a way to relieve arthritis.


  1. It relaxes muscles and improves blood circulationIt maintains metabolism rendering positive impact on digestion
  2. It is useful in conditions of inflammation/ swelling and relieves pain
  3. It is a good hair conditioner and is good for skin
  4. It is useful in condition of stiff joints
  5. Why use mud therapy?
 The dark color of mud helps in absorbing different colors and conveying them to the the body, giving it therapeutic properties. Also, its shape and consistency may be modified with ease, just by changing the water content, which makes it easy to use. A mud pack is advantageous over a cold compress (cold water therapy) as it retains the coolness over a longer period of time. Therefore, it is recommended whenever a prolonged cold application is required. Lastly, it is easily available and a cost effective treatment option.

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