Winter vacation on the sea

Apart from risks, scientific studies also provide evidence for health benefits. Winter swimming contributes to better general well-being. When compared to a control group on the profile of mood states rating scale, winter swimmers experience less stress and fatigue and more vigor. They report to have a better memory function, better mood and feel more energetic, active and brisk. Swimmers who suffer from rheumatism, fibromyalgia or asthma  report that winter swimming relieves pain. There are indications that winter swimmers do not contract diseases as often as the general population. The incidence of infectious diseases…

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My Best friend! The mermaid.

One day , As I was walking on the beach throwing rock in the water . I accidently hit some one in the water. And one voice just shouted: -Hey watch it ! Do not just throw rocks where we swim you might injure someone . Me: -Did not mean to I am so sorry. I will buy you a beer to forgive me . The voice: -Well, I do not know what is this  “beer” since I am a mermaid , but I will accept your offer. Me: -AAWAAAAT…

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make me sometimes nervous nice vid photographer 

Day at the beach

When I was little a had a fish tank with allot of fish. Every couple of days I did go to the pet shop to buy some beautiful fishes.  I love them very much and I did tuck great care for them. But I had that feeling that the animals did not feel good to be held in little glass aquarium. I was thinking that they dream of swimming in the vast rivers and oceans to feel the freedom. I wish I can swim with my dolphin friends 🙂

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